Jun 16, 2022 · The story of Childe X and Zhongli has been told throughout the years. Still, it wasn’t until 2005 that they were incorporated into anime and manga in China. Their story first appeared in the Chinese animation series Childe X Zhongli, produced by Oriental Century Media Group. It used Japanese animation techniques to create the show.. "/>
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Nov 26, 2022 · 当前位置:ACG漫画网 » 同人漫画 » Genshin Fem Zhongli x Fem Childe Genshin Fem Zhongli x Fem Childe 语言: 英文译本 发布:2022-11-26 热度: 1.1k
In his "Good afternoon..." line, the "good place in Chihu Rock" he refers to is likely either Wanmin Restaurant or Third-Round Knockout, two restaurants in Chihu Rock that he shows a preference towards. "About us - Gold" is a reference to the description on Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, which are words spoken by him. Differences between language versions: Good Evening: In Chinese,
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1.6k notes. “There was a powerful grip on the back of Childe’s arm as the two walked side by side into the palace. When the inner gate closed securely behind them, the Harbinger found himself slammed against the wall of the empty hallway, pinned beneath a very needy, very heavy dragon god. Zhongli pressed every inch of his body flush with ...
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